Health insurance has become incredibly complex and confusing.  Options include Group Plans, Association-sponsored Plans, the Health Exchange Marketplace (Obamacare, ACA Plans), Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Plans.  

Now more than ever, it's essential that you are clear on what options exist, and are educated on those options without bias.

Our mission is to help you gain access to the best possible health insurance at the lowest possible rates.  We'll work tirelessly to make sure that you understand the wide array of medical, dental and vision care options available, and to craft a policy that will best meet your needs.

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Portfolio of Coverage Products

Everyone has different coverage needs.  Our health plans are fully customizable, so you'll never pay extra premium for benefits that don't apply to your specific situation.

Enhanced Accident

Provides  comprehensive accident protection in the event of an unforeseen minor or major injury.  These benefits pay in addition to covered expenses in our medical plans.

Critical Illness

Lump-sum cash benefit to offset the high expenses associated with a serious illness, such as Cancer, a Heart Attack, Stroke, etc.  Cash benefit can be used for both medical and personal expenses.

Dental Coverage

A unique “hybrid” dental plan that combines traditional dental coverage with PPO discounts for a lower cost and still pays benefits to non-PPO providers to allow freedom of choice.

GAP Insurance

Provides coverage for high-deductible traditional plans to minimize or eliminate out of pocket expenses.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Helps provide you with protection for the ever-increasing gaps in Medicare coverage and allows you the freedom to choose your own health care providers.

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